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Name Witheld


Suffice to say that my entire adult life has been spent in a high state of physicality and my body has been pushed to it’s limits and at times beyond. I am now in middle age and still require a much higher than normal level of physical preparedness but with decades of punishment in it – my body’s many damages are starting to make themselves felt.


I have never really bothered with physical therapy beyond recovering from major injuries but I saw how effective Lisa was with my family and finally arranged an appointment when my body decided to let me know it was not ‘happy’.


I can honestly say that even that first treatment left me vastly more mobile and easier to move. Lisa chases down issues throughout the body and treats them all in order of priority in order to find and resolve the root cause rather than just the symptoms. I will not lie – she is at times what I would describe as ‘brutal’ but she always gets results so a moment or two of pain and discomfort are a price I am willing to pay.


I have a broken and battered body and I think at times she is at a loss as to where to start but she has always listened to where I need her efforts directed and what I need sorted in order for me to crack on with whatever I am up to. I trust my whole family with nobody else now. And as a youth rugby coach I thoroughly recommend her to ‘my boys’ and their parents as well.


If you are reading this then you have either already been recommended to look at her – or you are doing some research for yourself. In either case - I cannot recommend her highly enough to you.



Lisa was fantastic is getting an existing injury under control where physio had failed. My monthly massage ensures the injury doesn't hamper everyday tasks.



Lisa is fantastic at what she does and although I am in need of more sessions, I felt relief in my shoulder and neck pain after my session today. Would recommend her to anyone. Super knowledgeable and friendly too!

Andrew Simpson


Highly recommend.


I had a couple different muscular issues which had completely stopped my sports activity. Lisa was able to help identify the likely causes and of course provide massage which helped greatly. Lisa was very generous with support and some additional stretches / exercises I could do myself. After a bit of self discipline I feel back to normal and would definitely turn to Lisa again