Self Protection Testimonials

How Clients Gain Confidence Through The Course

Self Protection Testimonials

How Clients Gain Confidence Through The Course

Clients Who Have Benefitted From Self Protection


From Letham

I highly recommend these classes. I did the course over a few weeks. Make no mistake, the classes are not sugar coated, they make you very aware of the dangers out there.

The classes are mentally and physically challenging but you come out of each class feeling empowered and proud of yourself. My 20 yrs + child was proud of me!!! I felt safe at all times with the trainer and with our group.



I can't put into words how good this course was. From content to confidence, to things you had never ever thought of. It was beyond helpful and I encourage every woman to take part!


Newton Farm

I wanted to do this first for myself as it’s always been something I thought was important to learn but the driver was I really wanted my daughter to do it before she goes to Uni.


Couldn’t have been happier on so many levels. We both had a great day together, learnt fantastic skills in a safe environment, felt empowered by the people around us and I learnt a huge amount about my daughters inner strength which I didn’t realise she had.


I would definitely recommend taking this class. Lisa and Steve make a great double act and it’s a well organised day and you leave looking at the world in a very different way having achieved skills you never thought you would. Thanks for creating this opportunity



This is a fabulous course for females of all ages and I can’t recommend it highly enough!! I’ve really enjoyed learning how to look after myself in many different situations. The discussion part of the course covered many interesting topics and was delivered in a friendly and fun manner by our very experienced and competent teacher.


Learning simple physical combat techniques and other ways of controlling threatening situations has made me feel safer and more confident, especially when I am travelling alone. Sign up for this course – you’re sure to learn something new about your own safety and personal security.


Cupar, Fife

I want to thank Steve and Lisa for delivering an amazing course on Self-Protection. Steve was amazing, his life experience and stories were a real highlight to the days events and his strategies during combat has helped me to become more resilient in my day to day life. Lisa's contribution was a great balance for the days events giving me the confidence to fully take part without feeling embarrassed.


I have never been to anything like this before and found it quite cathartic and exhilarating. It's definitely a course that every woman and young lady should attend. I wish I had done it years ago. Looking forward already to the refresher course. Thank you both.