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The Improvements Clients Are Gaining Through Salts

Clients Who Have Benefitted From Salts

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Salts No3:

I recognised that I wasn’t feeling ‘quite right’ in myself although asymptomatic of anything else – so Lisa suggested I try No3 to aid my body’s natural defences and speed up my recovery. They were not intrusive or unpleasant to take and they certainly seemed to help as I was back to firing on all cylinders within a couple of days.


Salts No7:

At my age and with my background my body is a mass of painful ‘reminders’ that flare up at random, and normally inopportune, moments and when they do I have found No7s are an effective way of letting my body recover without the need for stronger analgesics and all the side-effects they have.


Salts General:

Anyone who knows me will tell you how sceptical I am of ‘natural’ remedies as I believe they are, by and large, placebos that work on the psyche as much as they do the body. However – the salts that Lisa has provided to myself have certainly gone some way to changing that mindset. If I recognise early signs in myself that something is ‘not quite right’ I throw some No3 down my neck to further help my body’s recovery systems. When one of my many damages flares up again, I get smashed into No7 to lessen the amount of stronger pain relief that I take.


All the salts that Lisa has provided me are easy to take, have no aftertaste and no side effects that I have become aware of. And if they are indeed a placebo – then they are certainly effective for this big old bear.

Name Witheld


My dog is nearly 12 years old and is crippled with arthritis. Have tried so many expensive treatments at the vet and unfortunately they haven't made any difference. I met Lisa whilst she was walking her dog Leia, and I was telling her my worries and she recommended to bring him to the clinic and see what best way he could take the salts.


He is quite a timid dog and doesn't like going in to strange places. However to my surprise he just walked right in and made himself comfortable. Lisa prescribed Calcium Phosphate for his joints and she found a way that he was able to take the salts as they need to stay in his mouth for a couple of seconds and not be swallowed.


After a couple of weeks, I saw a huge difference in him and now he comes looking for his medicine. He can't wait to go for his walks and is running around more and most importantly he is not in pain. I am so grateful that the salts have made such a great difference to him.



I used to suffer quite a lot from reoccurring Cold Sores when my immune system was down but since taking Sodium Chloride and Ferrum Phophate, I definitely don't get so many outbursts and they don't last as long. I take the cream and the salts and they work a treat.


The Sodium Chloride helps with the cold sores and Ferrum Phosphates helps build up my immune system and helps me fights colds. I have been taking the salts for over 5 years now and I have not touched antibiotics since then either. Thank you Lisa for introducing me to this new healthier lifestyle.