Biochemic Salts For Animals

Looking After Our 4 Legged Friends

Biochemic Salts For Animals

Looking After Our 4 Legged Friends

Biochemic Salts Are For Animals Too!

If minerals help us, why shouldn't our animals benefit from biochemic treatment also?

The duration of application depends on the nature of the illness.  In acute cases one to two days are sufficient, whereas a few months are not a rarity in chronic cases.

Does the animal suffer diarrhoea when subjected to stress or does it also vomit, etc?  How does the vomit look like?  Is the animal restless or more apathetic?  Asking questions will lead to a more successful and quicker recovery time.

However, if these administrative methods prove too stressful for the animal or administrator, the powdered tablet can also be mixed and offered with a small amount of natural yoghurt.

The important factor is that they are absorbed by the Buccal Mucosa (inside of the cheeks) or the sublingual tissue (under the tongue), this ensures transmission via the various metabolic pathways directly to the blood stream avoiding the intestinal tract in which there are actions which may reduce the effectiveness of the minerals.

The administration of minerals may be effected as follows: put the required dosage in the animals water dish and allow the tablets to dissolve (this is especially useful for smaller animals), however for larger animals the tablets may be dissolved in a little water and, using a syringe, the liquid administered orally, (this method may also be used on smaller animals).

Even though certain minerals are prescribed for certain ailments, always seek to find the cause by asking yourself 'WHY'?  For example, does the rheumatism of the animal improve with physical activity or does it get worse?


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