Self Protection

Stay Safe & Improve Self Esteem!

Self Protection

Stay Safe & Improve Self Esteem!


Steve White
Self Protection

Hi! I'm Steve White....I've teamed up with Lisa Saunders where we jointly offer a course in Self Protection via STC (Silverback Training Company). You can rely on my life skills to deliver a program that will not only promote self-confidence but a skill-set to use holistically throughout your life.  Allow me to introduce you to your darker side!


  • Close Protection Operative (City & Guilds)
  • Martial Arts and Self-protection Instructor - British Combat Association
  • Professional Investigator
  • Maritime Security Operative

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Since health and fitness should be part of our daily life whats more important to add in some tools to help you be more aware of your surroundings and keep yourself and those you care about safe?

I have teamed up with Martial Arts specialist Steve White to offer you a comprehensive course in Self Protection.

This course is designed to give individuals a better understanding of how to look at and control their environments in order to maximise their personal safety and can be tailored to specific needs / focus groups if required.

Not only will you learn techniques on how to increase your own personal awareness from the course - it will also provide you with physical, mental and emotional tools for identifying, analysing and (if needed) to neutralise those threats in order to escape. It will also talk you through some of the psychological impacts in the aftermath of an incident.


In addition it will provide you with physical, mental and emotional tools for identifying, analysing and if needed to neutralise those threats as well as the aftermath.

If you come off this course believing you can successfully go toe-to-toe with a bigger person or that you think you can take the shortcut through the dark park because you can fight now, I have failed.

The course is delivered by a combination of presentations, discussions and physical training oand will cover wide ranging spectrum including awareness, adrenaline response, hostile approaches, psychology of violence, post incident aftermath, weapons, striking and targeting, self defence and the law.

Why Train With Steve?

My Experience

This is a perfectly fair question because there are a great many fighting styles and schools out there up and down the country. All of them teaching techniques and practises that could have great utility in a self-defence situation.

However my life experiences allow me to deliver this course to you in a qualified and expertly trained environment. I have bounced in clubs, at illegal warehouse raves and been head doorman of strip clubs. I’ve provided close protection to both military and civilian principals. I’ve enjoyed a brief cage fighting career and I have moved around the martial arts community since I was 5 years old.

And of course, I’ve lived the honour and the privilege of leading and commanding men and women all over the world experiencing the prosecution of extreme violence repeatedly. I have been up close and personal with the very ugliest side of humanity and am still here thanks to a mix of luck, experience and the skill-set developed over the past few decades.

Training You Are Comfortable With

I’m not going to teach you anything you don’t already know. I will merely awaken some old or forgotten instincts and help you re-calibrate how you view and deal with the world.

In case you are unaware, I have worked with Lisa very briefly assisting her daughter Antonia to overcome some ‘bullying’ issues. Even in just that short time, Antonia’s confidence blossomed knowing that if a situation ever manifested that she could not escape from, she has the tools to be able to react effectively. Seeing this first hand, Lisa feels that many other females out there would benefit from this training, thus we are now working together to offer this course to you.

If you wish to do more ‘background’ checks on me, I am easily found on Linked-in where you will see my educational and working background. My instructional pedigree can be found at Genjitsu Karate Kai ( Iain Abernethy and the British Combat Association. All of whom I am a certified instructor for.

A Little More About Myself

I live my life as fully as possible, after all – it is not a dress rehearsal and none of us are getting out of it alive. Humour is very definitely my answer to most situations and it has stood me in good stead through some very dark and ugly times.

Having always been in roles where I am away from my family for long periods, I enjoy being at home and tackling the hardest role I have ever had. Being a father to 3 growing boys and imparting my life lessons and life skills to them is teaching me far more about myself than I ever thought possible.

I have a deep affinity with the natural world and love nothing more than disappearing into it to ‘recharge’ myself when I can feel the maelstrom and ceaseless cacophony of modern life simply drowning my soul.

Self Protection FAQ's

What do I wear to a self protection class?

Gym wear, or loose comfortable clothing and trainers. When it comes to combat, you will be provided protective gear by the instructor.

Do I have to share any personal informattion with the group?

There is an initial questionnaire that is issued to everyone attending the course. If you have had a personal experience tor interest that you would like the instructor to address, then you can highlight this on the questionnaire. All information provided will be kept confidential and destroyed at the end of the course. The course is run in a very friendly and warm environment and it is up to you how much you would like to share.

What topics are covered in a self protection class?

We run two separate courses. One for children aged 7-15 and then ladies aged 16+ and the topic areas are tailored to the group. An example of the topic areas for the kids are: Bullying and the Psychology of Bullying, Self -awareness, Striking and Targeting to name a few.

Some of the topic areas for the adults course is Adrenaline Response, Hostile Approaches, Psychology of Violence, Post Incident Aftermath, Weapons, Striking and Targeting, Rape and Self defence and the law.

Is a self protection class physical?

Only the second half. The first half of the class is a ;round table discussion' where you get to know your instructor a little better and everyone else in the group. We like to keep classes small for the adults (no more than 10) as it allows bonding within the group. The second half of the course is full combat where the instructor will present different scenarios and provide you with a 'tool set' allowing you to practise these moves in a safe environment.

What if I don't feel comfortable with a subject in the self protection class?

You can participate or not - the decision is yours however the instructor will try and encourage you to take part as the best way to healing is to confront your 'fear' in this safe environment.


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