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Schüssler Salts for Constipation

Several Schüssler-Salts have to be considered for constipation. Alternate administration of some remedies has been proven successful. Dr Schüssler (1821-1898) recommended No. 3 Ferrum phosphate 12X as the dominant remedy for chronic constipation. In addition the tissue salts No. 9 Sodium phosphate 6X and No. 10 Sodium sulphate 6X may also assist. The No. 9…
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Fitness For Your Brain Cells

Holidays are important for the body. However, total relaxation for a long period of time can sometimes have undesirable consequences for the head. After holidays concentration can often be worse than usual. Names, addresses and phone numbers can suddenly fail to be remembered. But, there is something we can do against these ‘holiday related’ memory…
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Improving Your Golf Swing

Most Golfers will experience tightness and tenderness in various muscles associated with golf which can be exacerbated by poor posture, poor golf technique, no warm-up or preparation and intense practice regimes. ​ If you are still experiencing aches and pains, call the clinic today on 07572039802 to make an appointment. The longer your wait, the…
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Is A Remedial And Sports Massage Sore?

Sports and Remedial massage is effective for many kinds of muscular and soft tissue problems as well as injury, whether it is due to posture, occupational stress or sporting activities. ​ This style of massage not only helps recovery from injury, but more importantly is very effective in the prevention of injuries. It should therefore…
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Sciatica – Ways To Ease The Pain And Feel Better

Sciatica The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body. It’s rooted in the lower back and extends through the rump, providing nerve endings through the leg. It travels through an opening in the pelvis called the greater sciatic foramen, and typically runs below the piriformis muscle. This is why piriformis muscle problems or spasm can lead to sciatica symptoms.…
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Ligament & Tendon Debility

Ligament and tendon debility Frequently twisting one’s ankle occurs mainly when ligaments or tendons are constantly mechanically irritated and over stretched. The correct Schussler Salts No 1 Calcium Fluoride optimises the collagen supply.  No 2 Calcium Phosphate firms the cell membranes and No 11 Silica improves internal structure of ligaments and tendons. Further advice The first…
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Achy Joints – How Salts Can Help Relieve Pain

Joint Aches No matter if we are talking the knee, hip or shoulder – a very high percentage of the population suffers from painful joints and weak points in the skeleton.  Often it is related to damage due to wear and tear (arthritis) for example high sportive strain during youth or as a result of…
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Relieving Muscle Cramps

Muscle Cramps Muscle cramps happen when a muscle involuntarily contracts on its own. Usually, you feel a hard lump at the point of pain. Often the pain appears suddenly – without warning it shoots into the calf or thigh. Cramps usually occur for a reason. If you haven’t strained a muscle, you’re probably cramping because your muscle is…
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Soothing Those Aching Muscles

Aching Muscles A typical for most athletes is ‘overdoing’ – too much, too hard.  Due to overloading finest tears appear in the muscle fibres and slowly histoid fluid enters.  after appro 4-36 hours small oedema forms, fibres start to swell, expand and ache – aching muscles, a form of inflammatory reaction. The correct Schussler Salts The…
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