Soothing Those Aching Muscles

Aching Muscles

A typical for most athletes is 'overdoing' - too much, too hard.  Due to overloading finest tears appear in the muscle fibres and slowly histoid fluid enters.  after appro 4-36 hours small oedema forms, fibres start to swell, expand and ache - aching muscles, a form of inflammatory reaction.

The Correct Schussler Salts

The anti inflammatory salt no 3 Ferrum Phosphate is the special salt fo the red blood cells and a good oxygen transport - important for the micro tears to quickly close up again.  The salt No 7 Magnesium  Phosphate alleviates pain and has a relaxing effect.  when doing physical exercises the body should always be sufficiently supplied with this mineral.

Further Advice

It is important that you stretch before you exercise and within 1 hour at the end of exercise and always stretch the joints above and the joints below e.g. if you are a runner.  Don't just stretch the legs.

You will find it beneficial stretching the back and shoulders as well as the ankles.  Take a hot shower after exercise as this increases the blood circulation which brings oxygen to your cells to help repair any damage that may have been caused to the tissue.

Allow your body to sufficiently rest but keep moving to encourage circulation flow and most of all, drink plenty of water.  This will help flush out any toxins allowing your body to become cleaner and more efficient.

If pain does not ease or subside after 2-3 days, make an appointment at the clinic to be seen by out highly trained Sports and Remedial Therapists who may recommend an Acupuncture treatment as well as using Sports and Remedial Therapies.