Ligament & Tendon Debility

Ligament & Tendon Debility

Frequently twisting one's ankle occurs mainly when ligaments or tendons are constantly mechanically irritated and over stretched.

The Correct Schussler Salts

  • No 1 Calcium Fluoride optimises the collagen supply.
  • No 2 Calcium Phosphate firms the cell membranes.
  • No 11 Silica improves internal structure of ligaments and tendons.

Reducing Inflammation

The first 24 hours of an injury, cold packs are most beneficial as it not only helps with reducing the inflammation but also provides an analgesic effect.  Every 2 hours apply an ice pack for no more than 10 mins.  However after the 24 hours is over, heat is the most preferred method of healing.  This stimulates the circulation and increase blood flow allowing the nutrients in the blood to stimulate the healing process in the tissue.  The main remedy for acute problems is rest, rest and more rest.


Massage can given 3 days after injury to not only help reduce the inflammation but also stimulate blood flow and eliminate fluid buildup therefore please make an appointment at the clinic be seen by our highly trained Sports and Remedial Therapists.