Fitness For Your Brain Cells

How The Brains Health Reduces

Holidays are important for the body. However, total relaxation for a long period of time can sometimes have undesirable consequences for the head. After holidays concentration can often be worse than usual. Names, addresses and phone numbers can suddenly fail to be remembered. But, there is something we can do against these ‘holiday related’ memory lapses.

Training and Oxygen Training gets the grey cells going again!

The brain requires lots of oxygen. The weight proportion of the brain to the body weight is just two per cent, however it utilises 40 per cent of the oxygen we inhale. Therefore, get some fresh during breaks, breathing deeply or do some recreational sport.

Water Is More Important Than You Imagine

The Brain needs Fluid To 70 per cent the brain consists of water, thus it can only be active in a moist milieu. Drink three litres of mineral water during the course of a day when you have to think a lot. Those who drink too little become mentally lazy and are unable to concentrate. An ideal drink is an apple spritzer – apple juice and sparkling mineral water mixed in equal parts.

Food For Thought

The Brain require s special Food One can eat oneself smart! Trace-elements such as zinc, copper and phosphorus are such brain foods. These substances are contained amongst others in: Carrots, avocados, raisins, dates, figs and oats. In order to retain the inhaled oxygen in the brain for a long time you should eat ‘greens’: Lettuce, spinach, herbs.

The green colorant chlorophyll retains oxygen longer in the brain and makes sure that it can be better utilised. In between also eat tomatoes. They contain the substance 5-Hydroxy-Tryptamin, a messenger that helps the brain to relax.

How To Train Your Brain

The brain needs adequate Sleep Sleep strengthens the memory. Who sleeps eight hours every night is able to think better. Permanent brain training also keeps the ‘grey cells’ fit:

  • Go shopping without a shopping list. When back home check if you have forgotten something
  • Do not avoid new mental challenges – for example the use of a computer, tablet etc.
  • Learn a foreign language or memorise a poem
  • Play chess from time to time or other board games that demand concentration
  • Calculate in the head, don’t use a calculator continuously
  • Cultivate regular contact with other people

What You Can Do To Aid Your Brain

There is also a very effective acupressure move used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). With the index finger of your right hand find the point LG 20. It is situated at the highest point on the head in the centre of the skullcap. Place the index finger on this point and massage, with pressure, in circular movements for 30 seconds each, take a break for ten seconds and repeat the exercise several times.

Or you can use the ‘thinking cap’, a finger exercise used in kinesiology, developed by the American Dr George Goodhaert. Using thumb and index finger on both hands and massage the edges of your ears from top to bottom. Repeat the exercise a few times. Your brain will give thanks with peak performance.