As A Biochemic Practitioner & Remedial & Sports Massage Therapist, I Can Help You Restore Your Health!

I can often see new patients at short notice ensuring you get the care you needed as soon as possible.

Lisa Saunders

Lisa Saunders

Practice Owner

Welcome To A Place Of Healing & Health

Welcome to Biochemic Practitioner your oasis for muscle rejuvenation. Hi, I'm Lisa a graduate of the Institute of Biochemic Medicine (Asia Pacific) in 2013.

My objective is to offer people Biochemic Medicine and massage together offering a complete solution where health is being restored inside and out in turn creating balance and optimising well-being.

What We Do

Our Services Are Tailored To Muscles, Body & Mind


Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy

Focusing on the prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of muscles



Median Lines

Using the "median lines" many conditions can be relieved through this ancient Chinese technique


Biochemic Salts

A Natural Alternative To Vets

Good for humans and surprisingly good for animals as well, many health conditions of pets can be relieved naturally though the use of salts.

Self Protection


Not only is self defence a confidence booster, it is a practical way to ensure that you can deal with conflict, "without conflict"

Many Happy Patients


From Angus

Not only highly effective at straightening me out but professional, friendly and welcoming and always has advice and exercises to help remediate at home between sessions - top draw sports massage.


Also manages to fit me in at last minute when there’s been unexpected injuries !


From Lethan

I highly recommend these classes. I did the course over a few weeks. Make no mistake, the classes are not sugar coated, they make you very aware of the dangers out there.

The classes are mentally and physically challenging but you come out of each class feeling empowered and proud of yourself. My 20 yrs + child was proud of me!!!

I felt safe at all times with the trainer and with our group.


From Kirriemuir

The results from Lisa's acupuncture amazed me. I suffer from arthritis in my hips and a Labral tear in my right hip. Before seeing Lisa I really struggled walking due stiffness in my hips and constant pain ( I was on a high dose of pain killers and anti-inflammatory's).


With regular treatments of acupuncture and massage, I can come off my pain killers and stiffness in my hip is greatly decreased and I can walk better.

We Teach Your Body To Heal & Treat Itself



Using acupuncture we balance your energy letting your body to treat itself


Sport Therapy

Muscle rejuvenation promotes good health



Restorative salts ensure your bodies natural balance is maintained

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